Roses Are Violet is a series of images that is inspired by Surrealism and dreams. Dreams can often be unheimlich, the opposite of homely, with strange things happening in familiar places to our conscious lives. In this series, shots of my every day, particularly themes of nature, have been projected onto my models, the protagonists of the dream sequence; the content of the images is strangely familiar, a woodland landscape, a flowering cactus, a baby bird. However something is not quite right with the use of altered and saturated colours to these scenes. Rather than taking a psychoanalytical approach towards the interpretation of dreams, the series has themes of the romantic perception of dreams as something beautiful, with a fantastical wonderland. In this bright coloured collection, the images give a view through, in some cases literally, rose coloured spectacles. The inspiration to use projected imagery in this series was initially sparked by the music video of South-Korean girl group f(x) with their art film.

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25 × 20 cm, 40 pages